Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1. Introduction to Angel in the Amazon

Written December, 2006 (translated from Spanish original)

Hello friends. Greetings from Angel Eduardo Raygada Rengifo. I am an agronomy student at the National University of the Peruvian Amazon (UNAP) in Iquitos. I am a native of this pretty city situated in the Amazon forest in the Department of Loreto in Peru.

I am very pleased to belong to the non-governmental group Center for Amazon Community Ecology, called CECAMA in Spanish. I work with the group’s founder Dr. Campbell Plowden as manager of the group’s Copal Resin Project in Peru.

The Center is registered as a nonprofit corporation in Pennsylvania. Its purpose is to promote the understanding, conservation, and sustainable development of human and other biological communities in the Amazon region and other tropical forests. The specific objectives of the group are to study the ecology, management and marketing of forest plants and animals. It aims to help forest communities to safeguard and use the local resources and thus to maintain the development of the community and finally to educate al public about these activities and information related. The Copal Resin Project is designed to study the ecology and sustainable harvest of the aromatic copal resin in the northeastern Peruvian Amazon. Our main study area is located near the town of Jenaro Herrera on the Ucayali River.

Future entries of this blog will describe my experiences with the plants, animals and people of this region. I welcome your comments.

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